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Studies in Australia

Welcome to Studies in Australia!

Australia now has over 455,000 international students from over 140 countries around the world. They are enrolled in a wide range of disciplines at every level of education, including short-term English language courses, bachelor and masters degrees right through to doctoral degrees.

Helping you make an informed choice

Whatever type of study you are considering, you need accurate and easy-to-use information to make an informed decision. This online guide can help you make the best study choice by providing:

• an overview of the Australian education system, with advice on key topics such as applications, accommodation, and how to enjoy the great Australian lifestyle

• detailed profiles of education institutions offering courses at different levels, course listings and study data

Why study in Australia?

• dynamic and progressive education programs with a reputation for excellence
• globally-recognised courses and qualifications
• a relaxed, enjoyable and safe lifestyle
• cheaper study and living expenses compared to many other countries
• vibrant, appealing and multicultural cities
• great weather
• amazing and diverse landscapes and scenery
• unique and wonderful flora and fauna.

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